Hi, I'm Prateek Kumar

24 Years old Mozillan, Designer and Developer. I love creating graphics and dope looking websites :b. I believe that designing is a magical Art and luckily I have been blessed with this art.
In the pursuit of happiness I made some friends. Adobe Photoshop, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and my friend list will continue to grow. These guys made my life Awesome B).
I believe in Open Source and I'm a Core Contributor of Mozilla Delhi Community known as Mozpacers since May 2015.

I love travelling. Whenever I go to some Holy place I bring bracelets or Prayer Beads from there and wear them till they break. Checkout my right arm in the picture :b.

Resume.pdf (8mb) Resume.png cv.pdf

Le Me
@IIIT Delhi 2015


Adobe Photoshop

Darpan is the official Magazine of our college. I was in the core Designer team of the Magazine and designed nearly 50% pages of the magazine.

Mozilla Delhi Logo

Adobe Photoshop

Official Logo of Mozilla Delhi Community/ Mozpacers. More Info

Mozilla Delhi Standee

Adobe Photoshop

Designed 72x18inch Standee for Official Mozilla Delhi Community/Mozpacers

Porfolio Website V1

Adobe Muse

Made previous portfolio in Adobe Muse.

Photography Club T-Shirt

Adobe Photoshop

Designed T-Shirt for Photography and Designing club of our College.

Coding Club T-Shirt

Adobe Photoshop

Designed T-Shirt for Coding club of our College.

Home Automation System

IoT | Django | Flask | Javascript

Home Automation system is a IoT based project which include the following features

1. Control Home appliances via mobile device from anywhere in the world
2. Home Security - Complete home lockdown and notification in case of unauthorized access to home.


Javascript | PHP | HTML | CSS

Open Anonymous Discussion Platform for FirefoxOS.
Anglehack 2015 Sponsor Winner Idea.

1. Browse Channels on topics that interest you most
2. Create and publish your channels to a realtime stream for instant social interaction


PHP | Javascript

Online Cryptic/Technical Challenges for college students.

Students have to solve 10 different technical challenges to win the game.
Received 100+ participation.

Unix Terminal Port

Javascript |HTML | CSS

Unix Terminal port in Javascript. Following commands works perfectly : ls, cat, vim, vi, cd and clear.

TAB, UP and DOWN Key Functionality implemented.

URL Shortner

Python | Django

Build a Django based URL shortening Service in summer vacations in Hackathon Weekend challenge.

Treasure Hunt

Python-Django | PHP

Online Treasure Hunt Application in which students have to solve the mysterious question on the level which they are on.
Made Twice in Python and PHP.

Hire me or Just say Hi.
Who knows, We might end up building memories :b

[email protected]